What is this dirty old thing?

Found a three year old setlist at rehearsal. Bar napkins are the way to go.

Time to make a new one for our show on November 9th at Penuches in Concord!


Before The Virus Took Hold

Tomorrow night I’ll be filling in on bass for The Fitted Shirt at Ghostlight Theater Co.’s First Annual Zombie Ball. We’ll be turning Club Lafayette into a graveyard of dancing corpses. Also, a graveyard of discounted Ghostlight memberships and a 50/50 raffle. You’ll also get to see this band called Mask & Raid. Oh, and check out these sweet posters:

All right, I think that’s it for now. See you tomorrow!


Yep, the show on March 26 at McGanns has been canceled.  Apparently other bands didn’t confirm when it was rescheduled or something or other, but that’s the way it goes.  We shall save some gas money and hope the kind folks at F Nice Records remember us fondly the next time around. And Christine too.

Oh well.

Dan, over at Headhat Records has been busy, throwing some tunes from the Headhat catalog up onto the Youtubes. This will link you to the Headhat YouTubes page.

Recording is going great. We’re awfully excited to show you what we’ve been conjuring up. Basic tracks are nearing completion and to be marinated in weird until juuuusst right. You’ll see what we mean.

Take care, you crazy kids you.

Movin’ Right Along

The Fall Micro-Tour has come to an end. Thanks again to F-Nice Records and Christine for having us/getting us the show. You can check out my interview on the Boston Local Music Show right here. If you dig the show, it’s four hours packed full of local music. If you’re only into music for TFD (and who could blame you?) scrub forward to about 2h50min. in to hear me hang out and play a few tunes.

Tonight, we’ll be playing Milly’s Tavern with Chris Emery. That dude is talented. And that’s the lineup. Us and Chris. It will be an intimate evening of pop-rock pleasure.

More shows to come:
Dec. 17 at Shenanigans in Milford, NH
Dec. 18 (at least three members) The Jam Factory in Manchester NH (for the second performance of Not Your Mom’s Sushi)
Jan. 14 at The Jam Factory in Manchester, NH

Come out and say hello.


Moving Pictures, Records, Noise

Tuna Fish Discrepancy has more videos than albums.  Crazy.  Todd Lajoie directed videos for “Mortimer the Dentist” and “Pericles” while Jim Baclagon directed “Vampires”.  We’re busy working on balancing out the audio/synchronization discrepancy – a live album is very close to completion, another live recording from October 9th is just about ready, and, of course, a full band studio release is on the horizon.

In the meantime you can check out Webhat where you can find the last pre-band TFD release Old Haunts. Most of the songs are rather old, and some of the songs will sound like they were recorded by a teenager. They were. Some songs are newer, such as the title track, there’s an insincere love song on there, and a reworking of “We Are All Filled With The Bloodjuice”, reflect a more mature approach to the recording process. Dan ADHESIVESLIPPER McDermott pieced the songs into a cohesive album, even fitting the low-fi ballad “Mortimer the Dentist” nicely into place.

Last up on the to-do list, I will be performing at The Jam Factory’s first step into experimental music, Pastiche with the LeVautour Ensemble and The Attic Bits. It is going to be a night to remember.



P.S. Here’s the “Vampires” video by Jim Baclagon.  Thanks, Jim!